301 Panthers

301 panthers

Website: http://www.301panthers.org/
Email:     panthers@smcayf.com
President and Co-Founder: Charles and Jessica Wright
The 301 Panthers is the premier youth football club for boys and girls ages 5-15. The program provides young players a fun and exciting opportunity to engage in contact, continuous action while learning lessons in teamwork and life skills. We strongly encourage the importance of building and maintaining a strong educational foundation. Launched in 2008, the Panthers’ program is designed to educate athletes about football while emphasizing participation and sportsmanship. Players learn skills and lessons that help them succeed both on and off the field. We pride ourselves in providing youngsters with opportunities to learn the fundamentals of competitive football, while cultivating and creating an atmosphere where youth can grow spiritually, physically and emotionally.
Life skills are a significant part of the Panthers’ program. We share important life skills that demonstrate the importance of strong values and character, while emphasizing the importance positive attitudes. In doing so, participants learn skills related to critical thinking and problem solving, self management and communication, as well as, are able to improve their inter-personal skills.
We believe it is vitally important for participants in the Panthers’ program to understand the importance of education. We promote and encourage all participants to study, try hard in school and to do the best they can at all times as it relates to their academics. We believe that a solid educational foundation develops and cultivates character, as well as, the intellect.